Thursday, April 05, 2007

Curse Broken

The Red Sox snapped the curse of Bob Woolmer with a 7-1 payback to the Kansas City Royals last night at Kaufman Stadium.

Josh Beckett did a fine Wade Miller impersonation with 5 innings of 94 pitch two-hit baseball, and Kevin Youkilis drilled a two run homer to help power (8 hits) the Bosox offense. Meanwhile, the pesky Bombers got rained out against Tampa Bay. The Mexican sports programs highlighted A-Rod's garbage time homer on opening day, and the local news version of the Miami Herald cited Carl Pavano's (awful) effort as leading the Gothams to victory. Ouch.

Today, we'll (you'll) get to see Daisuke's debut. Lets hope that he'll deliver a Toyota-like jolt to the Red Sox economy. As they say, if you want economy, you have to pay for it.

So how about 7 innings from Daisuke, a setup hold from Brendan Donnelly, and Pap's first appearance and save!

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