Sunday, April 08, 2007

Take Five

Can we take much away from the first five games the Sox have played? With 16 runs and generally not much power display so far, I want to believe that the Sox haven't turned into the NHL.

Does anybody think that Ortiz and Manny won't hit? And the question marks that we all have, about Pedroia, Coco Crisp, and Varitek's offensive decline remain unanswered. The Sox can afford to carry Pedroia's defense if he hits, and if he doesn't, Cora can play. Wily Mo is an easy alternative to Crisp, and obviously there isn't any substitute for Varitek. It's simply not knowable at this point.

Tonight's game isn't a MUST win. Is there ever a must win in April? But just more sharply executed baseball would be timely. The dirtiest four-letter word of all: HOPE.

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