Thursday, April 12, 2007


The old saying goes something like evaluate your team the first two months, find out what you need and acquire it the next two, and play for the playoffs the third. Trapped in our football mentality, we easily slip into temptation, needing to win every day - impossible in baseball.

Last evening brought a great pitching performance by a young righthander, Felix Hernandez of Seattle. I don't think a single Sox player reached second, and it could easily have been a no-no, with any luck. Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched okay, but diehards had to wonder about some of those hanging curves and whether the Bombers would go chasing the stuff downstairs. Last night was the second quality start defeat of the season (Wakefield had the other), as the baseball gods remind us of their vicissitudes.

With the weather turning bad, we have to wonder whether the Sox will play again before heading to Toronto Tuesday. And people question the impact of global warming?

I'm sure that auto-Mat must have wondered where the run support went last night, as the offense went into hibernation.

And we find out how much the NFL hates New England and its fans, with FIVE night games making us bleary-eyed.

And just as everyone loves the backup QB (*where have you gone Michael Bishop?), we all love our heroes at Pawtucket and Portland. Visions of Devern Hansack, Bryce Cox, and Jacoby Ellsbury dance in our 'P' brains, with the knowledge that all will dominate major league competition as they do the boondocks. Right.

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