Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why Grown Men Play a Game

As I watch the NESN replay of today's game, the emotional aspects of the 'game' transcend the physical events. Sure, these guys make a ton of money, but most do care about winning and losing.

  • Manny Ramirez homers in the eighth to tie the game, and he was excited as a dog with his head out the window on a Sunday drive.
  • Buddy David Ortiz was at least as excited as Manny, giving him a Papi Bear hug in the dugout.
  • Mike Timlin turned over a double play with Alex Cora in the middle for a big fist pump in the bottom of the eighth.
  • Alex Cora showed his disdain for Lyle Overbay who took him out with an illegal slide, and evidently brought determination with him to the plate with a ninth inning game-winning triple.
  • Dustin Pedroia's ninth inning bunt didn't advance the runner, and DP had some choice words for himself, "fine" or something like that.
In a sense, Sox fans have lost a bit of our edge since the 2004 Championship. Many of us don't have the same hunger, the desperation, and sense of impending doom that once flowed like blood in the streets. Of course, with the Bombers coming to town tomorrow, all that can change pretty fast.

Somehow Jason Giambi blew up into the Incredible Hulk again (must be those protein shakes), A-Rod is in double figures for homers already (contract year?), and we can only hope for a Bobby Sprowl redux performance from Chase Wright and the rest of the patchwork Big Apple Mound Patrol.

And the TRIVIA question somebody gave me today (I didn't get it):

Which three current major leaguers have at least two hundred homers and have done it while playing for only ONE manager? (Scroll down for answer)

Atlanta: (Bobby Cox) with Andruw and Chipper Jones
St. Louis: (Tony LaRussa) Albert Pujols

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