Saturday, April 21, 2007

Post-season Reds versus Blues, What They're Saying

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are having a bit of debate over the merits of A-Rod, chasing the All-Time home run record, and off to a potentially record-breaking April. With 12 round-trippers already, the Bomber third sacker is only two away from Albert Pujols' April record of fourteen. But what about October, goes the saying?

Here's a sampling of a few of these guys.

I'll list the number of playoff series, at bats, and OBP, SLG, OPS, Homers and RBI

A-Rod (9 series) 132 at bats, .362/.485/.847 6 HR/16 RBI

Ortiz (8 series) 143 at bats, .383/.552/.935 8 HR/32 RBI

Manny (16 series) 307 at bats, .353/.492/.845 20 HR/48 RBI

Pujols (11 series) 189 at bats, .429/.593/1.022 13 HR/35 RBI

Bonds (9 series) 151 at bats, .433/.503/.936 9 HR/24 RBI

Conclusions? If you prorate to 600 at bats for a season of postseason, then A-Rod has the worst production, particularly with respect to RBI, while obviously Pujols has been fairly prolific concerning the OPS, but has only 3 more RBI than Ortiz in 46 more plate appearances.

No matter what, A-Rod won't go broke over it.

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