Saturday, April 16, 2005

All´s Wells (W 10-0) Season 5-5

Out of the cellar and the home cooking sizzles with a shut out and double digit victory.

You don´t see this. LHP shutout in Fenway.

Running totals.

Quality starts - 5, 4-1
Non QS - 5, 1-4

TEAM STATS. Pitching 9th in ERA (4.87), 11th in WHIP, Batting 7th in runs, 9th in OPS.

I didn´t see the game so it would be silly to say much about it.

Did read Management Secrets of the New England Patriots, by Jim Lavin, an astonishing book about success.

An anecdote- about Rodney Harrison driving his mom´s beat up car and being humiliated in high school, vowing never to be in that position again, working to ensure success so that he could get his mom a house and a car.

I hope to read Jerry Remy´s book today.

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