Sunday, April 10, 2005

Do the Right Thing

We hear about locker rooms with signs "play like a champion". The writing doesn't appear to be on the Red Sox wall.

Does anyone feel that somehow the 'sense of urgency' is lacking? Jerry Remy gave a handwaving argument why Kevin Millar shouldn't care about hitting behind the runner (after an Ortiz double) because he might as well try to hit a home run. At least to me, that's like saying that because Antoine Walker isn't a great free throw shooter, that he shouldn't work on it.

Johnny Damon failed to take third on a short hopper to third base, that can only be described as a concentration lapse. That may have cost the Sox a run via a sacrifice fly. Manny Ramirez, of all people, gets an uncontested steal of third. Either Ramirez makes a terrific heads up move or it's a gross violation of don't make the first or the last out of an inning at third base.

Meanwhile, Matt Clement shows off the 'frustration factor', as he has trouble throwing strikes, getting into constant trouble. I believe that the statistic is something like 60 percent of leadoff walks lead to a run. Clement has terrific stuff but he is leaving a lot of balls up and in, as he appears to be opening up with his body too soon and his arm can't catch up. Again, maybe it's just me, but he also doesn't appear to follow through consistently (yes, I did pitch in college, but not effectively).

There's no reason to push the panic button but Red Sox Nation grows restless for quality baseball. Do we detect a bit of a hangover from last season? Welcome to the land of Bill Belichick; last year is last year.

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