Sunday, April 17, 2005

Manny Happy Returns *W 6-2 Season 6-5

Another day of firsts, with Clement earning his first win, accompanied by two Manny homers, including a grand slam.

Four consecutive wins calm the animus of The Nation, as the "football mentality" that afflicts us requires us to dissect each victory and loss.

Steven King in "Faithful" reminds us that we "hate what we fear, and sensible Red Sox fans fear the Yankees." The hangover of victory from 2004 continues, gradually eroding the fear of failure transcending generations of Sox fandom.

The Sox hold a two game lead over the Yankees, who previously dominated the Orioles, but seem baffled bz the Baltimore Birds of 2005.

Fenway Frank. Does anyone believe that the 275 buck a pop seats will hold down the cost of attendance for the riff-raff? There is no truth to the rumor that John Henry will replace Grant on the fifty...

Holy visual impairment, Batman! Brian Roberts, the banjo hitting second sacker of the Orioles leads the league in hitting and home runs.

Quality Starts. 6, Win 5, lose 1, non-quality starts, win 1, lose 4. A pattern seems to be emerging.

Stat-heads. The Sox have moved up to 8th in ERA at 4.34, and 4th in runs scored. Obviously, statistical reliability depends on sample size as well as the data set used.

Today, Sox killer Scott Kazmir faces Wakefield, let us hope tis a sweater for Kaymir...

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