Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Home Cooking (W12-7) Season 8-5

Curt Schilling picked up his first win of the season with ten strikeouts and five runs allowed in five innings as the Sox extended their home record to 6-1. Manny Ramirez continued his tear with a pair of homers to move into a tie for third in the homer lead and second in RBI.

Stat notes. The Sox are now 3rd in runs scored and second in OPS (.805) trailing league-leading Baltimore. The Orioles, along with Cleveland were my sleeper picks before the season.

The Sox moved into a first place tie with Baltimore and are now 6th in ERA in the AL.

Quality starts 7, record 6-1
Non quality starts 6, record 2-4

Baseline expectations for the newbie - QS winning percentage around 70%, non QS expected about 30%

...anyone going onto the playing field or in any way interfering with play will be subject to arrest and prosecution or losing their season tickets. The Sox did the right thing by pulling season tickets from fans who had 1) contacted or 2) doused Yankee right fielder Gary Sheffield. Admittedly, Sheffield is a hothead Juice Guy, but he´s entitled to play the position without being assaulted.

If Yankee fans had done something similar to Trot Nixon, can we imagine our outrage?

Meanwhile, the Yankees broke their losing streak and George Steinbrenner can take off the straight jacket. As the saying goes, can you imagine being a four-year old in New York and having to grow up without having celebrated a championship, yet?

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