Sunday, April 10, 2005

O-Dog Days (L 4-3) 2005: 2-4

Canada Dry. The Sox lost the second series of the year, 4-3 at Rogers Centre, despite a ninth inning comeback.

The good news - Edgar Renteria keyed the ninth inning rally with a two-out, two-strike opposite field single. The bad news - once again, the bullpen fell apart, this time Mike Timlin who allowed a one-out opposite field double to Orlando Hudson scoring Reid Johnson.

Yet another day, the Sox just didn't do the little things necessary to win, hitting behind the runner, taking the base when opportune.

Matt Clement's quality start went for naught, largely due to relatively weak offense.

The Sox return home for their first homestand of the season, maybe a little home cooking is just what they need. The home opener will pit Tim Wakefield against Mike Mussina and the Yankees. Curt Schilling is scheduled to face Jaret Wright on Wednesday, and Bronson Arroyo tangles with Randy Johnson on Thursday. Welcome back, Terry Francona.

Stat Notes: Last year the Red Sox hit for an .883 OPS at Friendly Fenway and scored 517 runs, an average of 6.4 runs per game. On the road, they had a .783 OPS and scored 432 runs, 5.3 runs per game.

You never see that. Today's 'unique' action was anything but, the Ramirez two-out steal of third.

Down on the Farm. profiles the Sox pitching farmhands on the Portland Sea Dogs radar screen.


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