Friday, April 29, 2005

Staff Infection (L7-2) Season (11-11)

First, the good news. The Sox remain at the .500 mark. Now, the reality check, getting the road trip off on the wrong foot.

The Sox grabbed the lead on a two-run triple by Kevin Millar that Gary Matthews probably should have caught. Aside from that, the offense was on holiday.

Tim Wakefield weakened in the sixth, as quality start became a historical term for the Sox, as the Rangers went on to top the Sox 7-2 behind quality work from Chan Ho Park. Is he in a contract year?

While the Sox have had Jin Ho Cho and B.K. Kim, the Rangers have had the best of the lot in Park. Park, entering this season 13-18 in three AL seasons, allowed two runs in seven innings, mixing his pitches well in sending the Sox to the ignominy of the post-game mean and retreat to their watering hole to recharge for tomorrow.

There's no time for wallowing in self-pity, as the offense feels the urgency to start producing during the pitching staff infection. Ouch.

The best part of the game is Rico Petrocelli doing the post-game. That's sad.

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Jus said...

This game was so awful, my heart is breaking. Another lead, blown.