Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pen Pals (L11-8) Season 11-10 (GB 3)

Tedious. That's the only way to describe last night's game, from the glacial pace to the outcome. It felt like a World Series game - played at night, lasted forever, and made it impossible for children and tired old men to see the outcome.

The less said about this game, the better.

If the Billy Beane triad of the season is evaluation, repair, and completion (what has Beane won is a legitimate question) then themes are emerging. First, that the offense has largely been adequate, particularly at Fenway. Even with neither Manny Ramirez nor David Ortiz at peak production, the Sox are scoring runs. However, if the Sox are Achilles then the bullpen has been their heel. Keith Foulke became the culprit this time, torched for four runs late when asked to deliver a two inning save.

Well, as they say 'momentum lasts only as long as the next day's starting pitcher' so we'll see what Tim Wakefield can deliver tonight. Heading off to Texas for an extended roadtrip, the Sox can use a stop.

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