Monday, April 25, 2005

Snickers (In Game Update)

Not going anywhere? I've never seen cricket, but somehow I think it must look something like this.

How's the joke go? My wife wants me to call her Pedro, because I never take her out. Terry Francona appears to need a map to locate the bump, because Wells doesn't have his command tonight, missing around the plate, or over it.

Brian (Don't Call Me Brady Anderson) Roberts had an incredible first inning with a single and two stolen bases to manufacture a run.

Meanwhile the Sox keep threatening Bruce Chen (Bill Lee lite) while unable to get the big hit to open it up. I have this nagging fear that Abe Alvarez is cut from the same cloth, Mark Buerhle without a fastball.

B.J. Surhoff is one of my favorite game 161 a few years ago at Fenway I saw him backing up a throw at third base (from left field), with the Birds down 8 - 3 in the bottom of the eighth inning of a meaningless game. Playing the game right.

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