Monday, April 25, 2005

Confessions of a Red Sox Addict

Come on, admit it, you're more addicted than ever. Winning never gets old.

1. My mom used to get upset with me for wearing out the batteries on the transistor radio from falling asleep on the west coast games.

2. I still have my ticket stub from Game 1 of the 1975 World Series. $4.50. Can you buy a beer at the park for that?

3. Speaking of that, have we Sox fans forgotten how great Luis Tiant was, and what a big game pitcher he was.

4. I used my 1966 Carl Yastrzemski card as a noisemaker on my bicycle wheels. Anybody else remember doing that?

5. Shaughnessy makes me crazy; but He Who Must Never Be Named is a good one.

6. Anagrams fascinate me. Daniel Shaughnessy = Dan lies as he hugs NY?

7. Cursed be the great Red Sox killers of the past forty years - Gates Brown, Tom Tresh, Amos Otis, Larry Hisle, Derek Jeter, and so on.

8. Does Wade Boggs still eat chicken every day, or was that just a superstition?

9. The best game I ever personally saw pitched in Fenway was Jim Palmer throwing a two-hitter and totally dominating. Why can't we develop guys like that?

10.Is Kelly Shoppach now the lead trade bait, presuming that Hanley's going nowhere?

11. When you go overseas, do you check the Internet daily for scores? But did you blog daily from overseas?

12. Does it ever bother anybody how one or two good seasons allow extraction of a king's ransom for life? I guess it didn't bother Mike Greenwell or John Valentin.

13. Do you secretly wish for ex-Red Sox to struggle, just a little?

14. Theo Epstein reportedly gives his endorsement money to charity. Yet another reason to admire the Young Jedi Master. Psst, get Jeremy Bonderman.

15. A real estate guy told me years ago that the Sox weren't building a new stadium anywhere, and that key allies of major politicians had bought up land surrounding Fenway. I wonder if that really were true. Where's the "I Team" when you need them?


Chris "Action" Powell said...

John Valentin should not be included with the likes of Greenwell. Come on. Greenwell still thinks he should get the MVP from Canseco... John Valentin had a career ending injury with the Red Sox who promptly let him go, not to mention he gave up shortstop so nomar would feel more comfortable... John Valentin was a great player.

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