Saturday, April 30, 2005


Schadenfreude: taking pleasure in another person's pain or misery.

No doubt that much of Baseball America is taking pleasure at the Sox demise, not only with respect to the return to mediocrity, but also the way they've done it, accelerated by injuries to high paid aging stars. That would be the 'mean reversion' of age and injury impacting a pitching staff that was fortunate to avoid that last season.

Sure, the Yankees have fared worse, even last night as back to Cy Young form Roy Halladay blanked the Bombers and RJ 2-0. With 140 games to go, the chowderheads who said Johnson would win 30 better hope for a 30 game winning streak in 29 starts. That's schadenfreude. Not to mention at 205 million dollar payroll, but of course, the season is young.

At this point,with six losses in a row in Arlington, and 8 out of 9, I'm beginning to believe my 'strip joint' theory, and suggest that a number of us go on a 'fact-finding mission' to uncover the truth ;)

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