Monday, April 25, 2005

Injury Bugs (L8-4) Season 11-9 (2 GB)

My son, an Orioles fan, informs me that teams with pitchers who achieve at least 7 strikeouts per nine innings are likely to win at least 95 games. I'm not sure where this statistic comes from, but he's a master of statistical manipulation.

The Birds jumped on David Wells, aided by mediocre defense (they say you can't hide bad defense, and that adage proved true). Wells left with pride and foot injured, and Matt Mantei limped off later.

Johnny Damon had a spectacular game with 3 hits, 2 walks, and has reached base nine times in the past two games. Don Orsillo regaled us with the fact that the Sox have won 8 of 10 games in which Damon scored. Make that 8-3.

The Sox are currently second in runs scored in the AL, and sixth in ERA, but after one streak of hot pitching, they've cooled off. It won't get easier for them after the Baltimore series as they travel to Arlington to face the Rangers.

I have this theory about why teams have problems in certain cities, and it has to do with late night entertainment. I hope that I'm wrong.

The bullpen doesn't seem to be the paragon of reliability, and is 13th in OPS allowed, 12th in K/BB ratio, and tied for last in K/9 innings with the Yankees. Sox starters are 9-5, with a middle of the pack WHIP and OPS. One theory is that there is hangover from last year's heavy use of Timlin and Embree. A better explanation is that aside from Timlin and Myers, and to a lesser extent Foulke, the pen hasn't done the job, period.

Farm stand. The PawSox were postponed with wet grounds and the Sea Dogs had a day off.

Gotta know what's going on in the minors. Minor League is a terrific reference.


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