Sunday, April 06, 2008

Community Auditions

Here's the way it works so far on Red Sox auditions. Host Terry Francona has this reality show to run, and he's got too many contestants for The Show right now.

He's got too many centerfielders, and everyone in baseball knows it, so they're waiting to pick up one on the cheap. Like housing, it's a buyer's market.

He's got too many bullpen bodies, but not enough getting people out right now. It's far too early to be thinking about what's happening down on the farm, but the "Launching Pad" for MLB wannabes is Double AA, and the early mound returns are favorable.

Emcee Francona is putting guys out there with their feet to the fire, and in the VERY EARLY going, it hasn't been pretty once you get past the back end of the pen.

So please let's be patient, because the tryouts are still underway. And a few teams will be plucking some serviceable relievers from the Sox.

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