Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wild in the Zone

Fans often visualize wildness as inability to throw strikes. Certainly that tends to be conventional wisdom, but not the worst kind of wildness. Dice-K and Jon Lester tend to struggle with Type A wildness.

But the most dangerous and difficult wildness is what I'll call Type B wildness, that is WILDNESS IN THE STRIKE ZONE. And that is what afflicts Mike Timlin these days. Even at age 42, Timlin has good velocity and good movement. But so far, he has frequented the middle of the strike zone, where Ted Williams]' Science of Hitting dogma flourishes.

How do you cure Type B wildness? It just has to work its way out.

The Sox six game win streak went by the boards with another missed start from the starter (Matsuzaka) and the first time the Sox haven't scored at least five runs in well over a week. Hurry back, JV.

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