Saturday, April 12, 2008

Do You Have a Life? Red Sox Nation Tests That.

I can pretend that yesterday never happened, as I was attending a charity auction and never saw one pitch of the game. Of course, that didn't keep me from dropping some coin on a framed picture of the Greatest Comeback Ever, a celebratory photo of the 2004 Championship.

Today was better, but fell just short of 'perfect' with the two-hour plus rain delay and Fox's abomination of missing the final out of the game.

Josh Beckett gets his first victory of the season, and the 'you never see this' play was Kevin Youkilis the middle man on a 4-5-3 double play against the shift against Jason Giambi.

Sean Casey also turned a Mientkiewicz-like play on a shot down the first base line that prevented a run. He's definitely growing on Sox fans.

Papelbon survived warming up three times to fan A-Rod on three pitches with two on in the eighth, and set down the side in the ninth. Manny Delcarmen also came up big coming in with a runner in scoring position in the seventh with two out and registered a strikeout.

Mike Mussina has become Al Nipper, tossing a variety of rotten grapefruit up to the plate. He'll probably still win double digits if he stays healthy thanks to massive run support. But it won't be easy as he's a shell of what he used to be. Derek Jeter is still out, but his replacement looked like a Gold Glover in the field.

Sox fans will get to see the Phil Hughes experience tomorrow night.

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