Tuesday, April 08, 2008

HIghlights from Today's Activities

Some of the greats from Boston sports showed up today at Fenway...
  • Bill Russell, who revolutionized defense
  • Bobby Orr, who revolutionized offensive defense

You have to wonder how Russell, who won championships nearly annually, feels at the Sox ubercelebration of their second modern title.

As for the ballgame, the Tigers seemed out of sync, with (horrors) an error by Placido Domingo, er Polanco, as Manny stretched a triangle shot into a triple.

Daisuke pitched very well until the nibbles got his pitch count in the sixth.

It's good to see what looks like total harmony among Theo and the Trio. As they say, "victory has a thousand fathers, and defeat is an orphan."

It was good to see Manny Delcarmen get back into the groove in his relief spot.

Kevin Youkilis hit the ball where they ain't...bringing his average to .400 (it's eight games)...

Johnny Pesky seems forever young at heart.

Terry Francona received a wonderful ovation, but not as much as Bill Buckner. All is forgiven, two championships later.

Oh yeah, the Sox won the home opener in a shutout...

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