Friday, April 04, 2008

That's Gonna Leave a Marcum

Tim Wakefield battled Shawn Marcum for five innings, but the Blue Jays erupted for three runs while they batted for what seemed like a week. Wakefield surrendered a homer, a pair of walks, and Jacoby Ellsbury failed to reel in a long drive to the track, losing a snow cone when he banged into the centerfield wall.

Meanwhile Marcum has stymied the Sox with great location, a tailing fastball, and terrific changeup. Marcum has willingly thrown the change at any point in the count, reminding us of the venerable Orioles pitching coach Ray Miller's dictum, "work fast, throw strikes, and change speeds."

Kevin Cash had the Sox only hit so far, a double into the left centerfield gap in the third. Behind the plate, Cash has been decent on a night where Wakefield had a good knuckler.

The Sox need some Instant Karma if they're gonna turn this around.

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