Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good News, Bad News

The Sox returned from an off day to face the Toronto Blue Jays, who earlier swept them at Toronto.

First, some words on marketing. Jordan's a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, extends the Monster Sweep another week. If the Sox keep playing this way, they can give away furniture if the Sox make the post-season. Second, Double D's isn't losing a lot of money on free iced coffee and tea, with the Sox on a losing tear. At least Paps isn't getting his ass slapped as much.

It seems like most of the outs tonight have been ground outs to David Eckstein, he of the Brad Pennington arm from shortstop. To paraphrase an old movie, the summer of 6 to 3.

"Babe Ruth is dead." The classic advice offered to pitchers nibbling the zone must have struck a chord with Jon Lester, who has thrown his stuff with something on it tonight, with hitters feeling some bees in the bats. Jerry Remy insightfully offers that Lester isn't working at his usual snail's pace.

Meanwhile, Roy Halladay looks like he needs a long distance phone call. The Sox haven't even had a whimper since the Rays stifled them this weekend. Yes, sweep and Tampa go together, but didn't they get the memo that they are the sweepee not the sweeper?

The only offense in the game so far must be the capacity crowd snickering over Roger Clemency's latest fiasco. As one online poster wrote, "Roger, NOW you know how Barry Bonds feels." Kinda gives new meaning to the term, "pitching rubber".

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