Sunday, April 20, 2008

Let's Hear It for the Boy

The Red Sox hibernated for about six innings before arousing to send yellow roses to Texas. And once again, the Sox relied on youth to carry the day, although not without considerable assistance from some graybeards, too.



DUSTBUSTER, Dustin Pedroia off the bench with an extra base hit to plate David Ortiz with the tying run in the eighth inning.

Jacoby Ellsbury, with a pair of hits, a pair of stolen bases, and more playing of THE PEST.

Jed Lowrie, with another two hits, two runs scored, and an RBI double.

Big Papi, a pair of hits, a pair of RBI, and an Olympic sprint from first on the tying run.

Jonathan Papelbon with a seven pitch save and more free iced coffee and iced tea at Double D's.

Julio Lugo...with enough versatility to play shortstop and left, while the Sox move the youngsters around. Lugo also keyed a double steal...the Runnin' Red Sox.

Sean Casey, with another lengthy professional at-bat against Texas southpaw C.J. Wilson. I thought the 2-2 pitch was a strike, but when you're not around the zone, you don't get the calls.

Tim Wakefield, spared the bullpen additional angst with eight innings of work, yet only 86 pitches.


Manny. Manny beefed about a called third strike in the first inning. You could read the umpire saying, "not another word", after which Manny yapped and got tossed. Maybe Manny didn't want the day off tomorrow against Kason Gabbard.

The difference for the evolution of the Red Sox has clearly been a willingness to give the kids a chance to succeed, and they're making the most of it. I am not saying that Lowrie is ready to play every day, but he's already shown value and versatility. With one of the top organizations in the minors now, the Sox can try to conserve payroll some places to afford it elsewhere. Justin Masterson has dominated in Double A and surely will be headed down to Pawtucket soon.

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