Wednesday, April 16, 2008

They Call This Baseball

Another four hour plus marathon nears its conclusion on that Heartbreak Hill known as Yankee Stadium.

If greatness means building a legacy, then destroying the beauty and rhythm of baseball with an abomination must also deserve note.

Tonight's action has just poisoned the well of goodwill baseball tries to project. Tim McClelland's delayed calls antics wears thin, although he was relatively consistent. I don't expect my Yankee fan friends to be whining about the calls either, as they did when Phil Hughes couldn't find the plate at Fenway.

Sure, a call could have gotten Buchholz out of the fourth, but it wasn't as though he were Walter Johnson out there, although compared to Julian Tavarez maybe he was.

I've buried Mike Timlin numerous times, only to have him pull the Phoenix act, and admittedly he allowed some bleeders during his 'Hammer Time' in the eighth.

And what was that last night with retaliation against the Sox for Delcarmen hitting Garko to DRIVE IN THE TYING RUN. Only a moron wouldn't know that the Sox weren't throwing at him. But here's the message. I suspect that Wedge told the pitcher (was it Jensen Lewis?) not to give Manny anything to hit. So Lewis pulled a Drysdale and plunked him. Sorry, that's crap.

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