Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

If yesterday were close to perfection for Opening Day, then today approached hell for Opening Night.

Once again the Baseball gods have not smiled on the Sox' staff ability to throw strikes. Walks, quite simply, are killing us. Jon Lester's pair of free passes opened the door to a four run fourth, giving the Tigers what appears to be the permanent lead. Brian Corey issued a free pass to open the 8th, and the Tigers converted the opportunity into a pair of runs.

The Sox trail 7-2 opening the bottom of the ninth.

The Sox issued EIGHT walks against a mere two strikeouts tonight. Abominable.

Julio Lugo, Manny Ramirez, and Sean Casey all had a pair of hits, and Lugo did not make an error, turning in a spectacular play from the hole.

David Ortiz continues to struggle, with a strikeout, pop out, fly out, and ground out.

Portland stats: At least a couple of unnamed prospects are throwing strikes.

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