Monday, April 21, 2008

The Sox are Made for Walking

The Red Sox completed their sweep over Texas, and one has to wonder whether Ron Washington's job is on the line. The Sox pounded out ten walks and another double figure hit game en route to the Patriots' Day rout.

While the Bombers argue over the Joba roles, the Sox got a pair of solid performances from their youth against the Rangers. Jon Lester went six plus and today Clay Buchholz tossed six shutout innings before turning the lead over to the pen.

For those just arriving from another galaxy, Hank Steinbrenner can't keep his mouth out of the news, demanding Joba Chamberlain go into the pinstripe rotation, not surprising with the early season shakiness of Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy. In 30.3 innings the Yankee uber-arms have combined for 31 earned runs, 23 strikeouts and 23 walks, a pitiful 1 K/BB ratio.

Conversely, Lester and Buchholz in 47.3 innings have allowed 26 earned runs, and a not so nifty 33 and 25 K/BB ratio.

The Red Sox (with three games more played) have forged a lead in runs scored, OPS, OBP, SLG, and total bases.

Jacoby Ellsbury's two stolen bases (8) make him second in the AL, one behind the Twins' Carlos Gomez. Ellsbury is second (16) in the AL in runs scored, but lacks enough appearances to be in the top five in OBP, where he is at .444.

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