Thursday, April 10, 2008

Marketing Gone Wild

The promotions gang must be working overtime at Red Sox productions. But fear not, we've got stuff that can top anything they can 'do.

  • Furniture Wars...the Sox will give away 100 fully furnished homes. Get your entries in early. The first 100 entrants to get their entries in, in the "Sox Sweep" contest, with the Sox capturing all 19 regular games against the New York Yankees. Jordan's Furniture eat your hearts out.
  • 'Do Raffle. For your raffle entry of a mere five dollars apiece, win a trip to Manny Ramirez' barber, with Manny of course.
  • Bowling for Dollars. For only 100 dollars win an all-expenses trip to Wollaston for a bowl-a-thon with Julian 'Roll it to First' Tavarez. This concept narrowly edged out "Candlepins for Cash", a trip with reserve catcher Kevin Cash, but was scrapped for copyright issues. Act now, while Julian is still part of the team.
  • Go Green Initiative. Own your official Red Sox solar panels, as the Sox 'Go Green', installing solar panels to warm the future 'domed' stadium planned for 2525.
  • "Tar and Francona" night. The Red Sox provide the tar, you bring the feathers, as this All-Star Break special features Terry Francona look alikes, available for tarring and feathering as the Sox show highlights of tonight's game with the Tigers.

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