Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pipp Squeak?

Jed Lowrie made his MLB debut tonight at third base, and had his first RBI on a ground out, and drove in the tying and go ahead runs in the seventh as the Red Sox took a 3-2 lead.

The Sox-Tribe rivalry has become reminiscent of the Sox-Yankees, without the four and a half hour games.

Ugh. Javier Lopez on in relief. Sure, he is left-handed and that allows the Jesse Oroscos and Graehm Lloyds of the world lengthy careers.

Kevin Cash did a great job handling Wakefield, and even threw out a runner (one of four). Cash doesn't have much of a stick, but that's acceptable.

NESN had a broadcasting coup, capturing Francona beefing about the lack of even a NEIGHBORHOOD PLAY at second base, and then the umpire admonishing Cabrera (we imagine) about keeping it real at second.

Jacoby Ellsbury gave J.D. Drew a night off, and once again the rookie responded with HOT WHEELS, a hit and a walk, leading to two runs scored. He has to be in there.

Meanwhile, the DUSTBUSTER, Dustin Pedroia keeps on grinding, now at .300.
Pedroia and Wakefield also picked a snoozing Franklin Gutierrez off second, preventing a run.

All in all, a very entertaining ballgame, even considering I need to get some sleep.

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